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Dear Woman of God:

As I browsed through faces on Facebook that I might know, I came across your picture. Your photo was breath taking.  I thought to myself, “This woman is amazing!”  I viewed…well creeped on your page to look at your timeline and the things you liked or disliked.  We had so many things in common.  I saw snapshots of you and your family; your leisure time, and your hobbies.  Then I read that you were a Christian.

Each picture of you was so beautiful. I don’t think you could take a bad photo.  Wow! Dear God, this woman could be my queen and I her king.  I desired to know more about you, so I became a follower. My heart stirred as I glanced at your page from time-to-time.   I prayed, “Lord, please help me see this more clearly before I make a move that I might regret.  I really want to get to know her.”  My nerves would not allow me to send out a friend request.

Daily, I continued to pray. I daydreamed of taking long walks with you as we held hands. I dreamed of praying with you.  Eventually, I hoped to make you my wife.  We could make our mark in this world for Jesus.  I wanted to love and cherish you…the way a queen should be loved.  I made a vow to myself that I would always meet your needs; to grant some of your wants…when in my power to do so.  I promised to never replace God in your life, but remember to point you towards Him.  Man, I thought about us raising our children in the admonition of the Lord.  Building the kingdom of God victory by victory!!

But soon my hopes were dashed and my dreams shattered. As I continued to follow you, I noticed that your posts had no substance.  They were degrading and full of filthy language.  I became disappointed at some of the photos you posted of yourself in scantly attire and too much cleavage showing.  It left nothing to be desired.

Sorry, I would have loved to start a serious relationship with you…I’ll pass. We could have glorified God together; maybe, another time or another place.  Regretfully, I moved on.  I realized that you needed more time to grow into the woman of God that He called you to be. Last night I prayed for you.  Maybe one day you will come to realize just how precious you are in the sight of the Lord. The Bible states, “Abstain from all appearances of evil.” (I Thess. 5:22)

For now, so long my Dear Woman of God.


Man of God

Written by Laura Alexander




7 thoughts on “DEAR WOMAN OF GOD

  1. More women should realize this happens and not allow the enemy to deceive them. Thank you for sharing this spiritual insight, woman of God. Blessings!


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