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While the Men Slept

Today’s newspaper headlines scream of a deteriorating society. Families are divided. The divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate. Nations are at war against each other. Murder is on the increase. Sickness and disease is wreaking havoc on our bodies. And, natural disasters are becoming more violent with an unimaginable destruction rate. Wisdom has fled the city. Truth has become obsolete. What has happened to our society? It can be summarized in 3 words…THE MEN SLEPT!

One of the most important elements of military training is guard duty. A soldier placed on guard duty has a great responsibility. Falling asleep on the job is not an option. Expulsion from the military is immediate if a soldier is found sleeping while on duty. The entire base rests in peace depending on these military personnel to perform his/her duties to the utmost. A guard is expected to remain watchful and vigilant throughout the night and to alert the base of impending danger. Anyone approaching the base without proper credentials is considered a threat…an enemy.

In the book of Matthew, Jesus tells his disciples a parable regarding the kingdom of Heaven. He describes what can happen when Christian’s fall asleep at the wheel. He gives the illustration of “a man who sowed good seed in his field; while the men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat” (Matt. 13:24-25). The story is not so much about men falling asleep, but the slumbering of the Body of Christ.

As the church took a catnap, the family structure crumbled. Parents no longer parent from the standpoint of the Word of God. Daily Bible devotional readings have taken a backseat to television programs and technical gadgets such as: cellphones, smartphones, tablets, and computer laptops. A large percentage of our young people have never attended a church service. Television gurus advise parents on how to raise their children. Social media influences family values; thus, creating a nation with no boundaries and no respect for each other…anything goes!

While the people of God snoozed during their watch in the night, the enemy made the church a powerless place. Christians are mocked daily. The church designed as a place to worship, learn, and grow has adapted the mannerisms of the world. Carnality has crept in through the doors making it hard to distinguish the Church from the world. Those controlled by the flesh instead of the Spirit adopt manmade doctrines that mislead those searching for truth. The power of the Holy Spirit is limited to the schedule of men and miracles are rarely seen. Fear has gripped the soul of God’s chosen people. There is safety in preaching behind the 4 walls, as well as, preaching to the so-called “churched” or the mature believers. The message is designed to pacify the lost. Absolute truth has been replaced with a “feel good sermon” that winks at sin and teaches that our God is a genie designed to grant our every wish.

Oh, if only men would seek the true and living God! If only we were more aware of the enemies tactics to lull us to sleep with contentment and mediocrity. Oh, if only the people of God would wipe the sleep from their eyes; then, the fiery darts of the enemy would be quenched and his folly exposed.

Written by Laura Alexander


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