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I Decided to Live, Again

There comes a time in life when we must trade in our mask for glimpse of our true reflection. The circumstances of life can create such a feeling of heaviness that we trade in the garment of uniqueness for a temporary cloak of satisfactory existence. It is easy to get distracted over the mundane tasks while forgetting the things that really matter. Often we strive for a “sense of being” reflected in the eyes of others. The true self gets enshrouded in a masquerade of socially acceptable attributes that change with the temperature of a complex society. What is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow. Enjoying life means embracing who we were created to be.

It is amazing to hear some of the responses people give when asked the question, “Who are you?” The answers vary which may include references to employment, titles, accomplishments, associations, and family connections. Knowing ourselves on a deeper level takes introspection and time. We must learn to separate from the world’s reflection and come face-to-face with the real man in the mirror. Yes, it can be painful to strip away all the make-up, clothes, jewelry, cars, education….the well-polished person that everybody knows. But, the effort is worth discovering the “real you” during the process.

The discovery of self brings fulfillment and freedom to another level. Just imagine the feeling of laying your guard down as you touch the very heart of your existence! Nothing compares to experiencing life through fresh eyes…eyes not clouded by the interpretation or ideas of those whose opinions really never mattered in the first place. A vision so clear that the race of life is ran at your pace and in your lane. You are in the zone! No one can touch you there. Progress is measured by your ability to feel peace, tranquility and joy.

As we learn to embrace our authentic self, life will start to take on a new meaning. Old attitudes that use to weigh us down will take a back seat to the new attitude that is being birthed into the very fabric of our soul. A renewed mind is what the Bible describes as a new life. Having a renewed mind is like getting a “do over” in life. I exhort you to enjoy the life you have been given. We only get one chance to get it right while on this side of the earth. Make each day count. Embrace who you were created to be!!! God is a God of second chances. Make up your mind to decide to live….again!


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