Family, Restoration, Reconciliation

A Devoted Life

11813528_1024406397631066_8571810269207861104_n[1]Human beings are living longer these days. That is great news!  It means we may get to spend more time with our love ones.  Aging helps us to reminisce on the years behind as we enjoy the years ahead.  Often prayer petitions consist of longevity, peace, wisdom…”Lord teach us to number our days…”( Psalms 90:12 ).  Time stands still for no one.  Never take those moments for granted.  Solomon reminds us, “To everything there is a season” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 ).   Learning to maneuver through each season takes precision and preparation.  Eventually, the season comes when parents grow old.

No matter the season, advancing in years brings its own set of challenges. Every day is a blessing…a gift to be cherished.  Take a close look at your own reflection in the mirror; then, take a closer look at the maturing people in your life.  Youthful smiles have been replaced by wrinkles and crow’s feet.  Strong hands that once held us tightly now need a helping hand.  Have you noticed?  Nothing in life remains the same.  Change is inevitable.  The man who ran behind you as you learned to first ride a bicycle, now moves a little slower.  The woman, who once chauffeured you and your friends, may need a ride to and from appointments.  Have you paid attention?  A transformation is taking place right before your eyes!

As the roles in life reverse, there may be times when we feel like both the parent and the child. We may find ourselves reaching back for stories of yesterday, only to grasp enough wisdom for tomorrow.  Carefully crafted nostalgia awakens the child deep inside.  Birthdays become more than just candles on a cake; but, perfectly framed moments in time.  Minutes become hours and hours become days.  Have you allowed yourself to discern the times?  Life is the price we pay for time lost.

The foolish petty things take a back seat to daily phone calls just to say, “I love you” as goodbyes linger a little longer. Treasure it.  Breathe it in as a baby taking its first breath.  Make a mental note to cherish.  Carry this note into future generations.  They are treasures of a life well spent.  Good days and bad days all warped together in a cherished memory.  Is this what life is all about?  All the things we take a lifetime to find…have been right beneath our noses the whole time.  Pages of unrehearsed lines form the picture-perfect story.  Melodic words find their way to receptive ears!  We remember those times as the best days of our lives.

Do you remember? The greatest lessons in life were taught around the kitchen table.  At last, we attempt to mirror the life handed to us; an example of unconditional love, piety, total devotion and admiration.  How do we pay it forward?  Embrace it.  Reciprocate it.  Cherish it.  Honor it.  Requite it.  The Bible tells us that children should “first learn to show piety at home to requite their parents, for that is good and acceptable before God (1 Timothy 5:4).  Webster’s dictionary defines requite as to repay or compensate, to return in kind.  That is the recipe for honoring the men and women we call “Parents” aka “Mom and Dad.” Amen!

Written by Laura Alexander



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