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Three Words Made A Difference

you r stronger than you think

Last year I wrote down three words that defined my outlook on the year 2015.  Those words were: 1.) Better  2.) Tenacity   3.) Discovery.  Why did I choose such words?  Each word represented the person I was striving to become in the new year.  We all have areas in our lives in which could benefit from improvement. And, I knew that my life could not continue down the same path.  Of course, I needed to put the work in.

Overall my life needed to get better.  I found myself in a bad place.  My soul expectations and my reality were in conflict with one another.  Things needed to get better…quickly.  Every fiery dart the enemy of my soul had in his arsenal was thrown at me.  Life was filled with disappointments and distractions.  I tried so hard to make things better within my own strength, but I could not.  Many days the fight left me exhausted and ready to throw in the towel.

Have you ever cried out, “Lord, help me!”  In my anguish, the Word of the Lord came to me.  He reminded me that “His grace was sufficient” all I needed to do was hold on (2 Cor. 12:9).  A dose of tenacity could end this dilemma.  Instead of giving up when things got tough, I prayed for strength to hold on with all my might.  The enemy knew my weakness.  He knew just how to apply the right amount of pressure in order to achieve the desired results.  Today, I still battle with the desire to just “give up” which is the easy way out of a tough situation.

I discovered that I am tougher than what I thought.  Nothing can defeat the human will.  Nothing can overcome a made up mind.  Nothing can overcome the human spirit.  So, I planted my feet strong and steady.  Winners are not born, they are made.  Discovering that I had what it takes to make it in this life was awesome! Instead of looking at obstacles as problems, I changed my perspective.  Obstacles are now seen as challenges meant to be overcome.  Every day is an opportunity to flex my spiritual muscle.  God is my sword and shield.  For “greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world” (1 John 4:4).  With God on my team, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish together.  Ask God to help you…help is on the way!  Get better.  Grab tenacity.  Generate discovery.  Amen!!

Written by Laura Alexander


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