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Note to Self: Pick up Flowers

Valentines-Day-630x472[1]Well, another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. All the emotionally charged purchases are over. Everyone can take a sigh of relief…it’s over. Flowers and chocolates are nice gestures of love; but, what if you were not the recipient of those things? Could it make the day less enjoyable? Consider all the singles or those whose significant other did not display love in such a way. Could not receiving hearts, candy, flowers, or cards really ruin a day? If a person has to feel pressured into displaying love through the buying of gifts, the spirit of the moment gets lost.

I decided to experience Valentine’s Day on my own terms. Yes, my day of love was spent with me…the power of one! A list of things to do lie on my nightstand; the final entry was a reminder to buy flowers. The flowers were not for anyone in particular; they were for yours truly. My daily routine started early that morning as I worked tirelessly to check each item off of my to-do-list. As the evening rolled to a close, I started to contemplate the many ways to make this day special.

How would it feel to spend a day of love…alone? I remember a very wise person once told me that “in order to be great company for others, we must learn to be good company to ourselves” which is something we all struggle with. Since I love a good challenge, it was time to confront the fear of going out unaccompanied on a lover’s holiday. So, with apprehension in my heart, I put on a brave face and headed out.

I dressed in a pair of cute jeans, a sweater, and my favorite pair of boots. With my hair done and my face looking perfect, I decided to check out the movie theatre. The perfect movie was playing, “How to Live Single” it could not get any better than this…really! As I purchased my ticket and concessions, I headed into the theatre. It was empty. Great! About 3 minutes before the start of the movie, several patrons walked in. To my surprise, it was several groups of single women and one couple who sat directly in the seats ahead of me.

After the movie, I headed for the exit. As I walked through the hallway, I could see that couples had started to fill the entrance way. They were holding hands as they discussed movie choices. For a moment, awkwardness gripped my soul as I strolled out the door making sure to keep my eyes straight ahead. Eye contact is not an option when experiencing the state of discomfort.

Next on the agenda was dinner. Having dinner alone on this day…really? What would people think of me? Would they stare? Would they feel sorry for me? Would they wonder what is wrong with her that she dines alone on a day like today? With my dignity intact, I strolled into the restaurant, ordered my meal, and it was enjoyable! I did not hide behind a book or a newspaper. I refused to fiddle with my phone as though I was talking to someone. No, no, no. I made eye contact with the other patrons. Some were with their significant others, some dined together in groups of the same sex. Yet, there were others who dined alone…just like me. I chatted with the wait staff. It felt wonderful to get lost in me. Entertain me. The power of one. It was a great meal.

On the way home, I stopped to browse at my local store. As I walked down the aisle designated for this special day the most beautiful African violets lay there waiting just for me. So I bought them and I purchased the most delicious box of chocolates…at a discounted price, of course! As I headed out to my car, I thought to myself “what a perfect day” never underestimate the power of one. Smooches!!!

Written by Laura Alexander


2 thoughts on “Note to Self: Pick up Flowers

  1. I simply loveeeeeeeee this post!! It teaches us all that you can still remain happy and to yourself, without the company of another. I think what you did for V-Day was something more special than any other person could provide to you. There was no room for disappointment or stress.

    Great article!


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