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Succeeding On Broken Wings


Living an accomplished life is costly. Sadly, there is an asking price for standing on the sidelines. Stepping out into the unknown leaves us feeling vulnerable. Defiantly looking fear in the face takes courage. It takes passion to show up daily for the “grind” of life. The world in which we live can be a cold and apathetic place. Sometimes we feel crushed by the weight on our shoulders. The path we travel in life revolves in cycles of victories, failures, mistakes, setbacks, misfortunes, and pain; then it starts all over again….victories, failures….etc. A constant barrage of assaults feels like a hurricane that never ends. Arising from the dust is this disfigured, unrecognizable figure with hands lifted in surrender. We gather up the leftovers. Like a bird who has escaped the fowler’s snare, we offer to God our broken wings.

I watched a bird rescue on television. A fisherman and his girlfriend spotted a pelican entangled in some fishermen’s wire. The couple immediately went into action to save the bird. As they drew him in towards land, he started to struggle immensely. Needless to say, they continued on with rescue efforts. The girlfriend held the large, razor sharp beak closed with her bare hands as the boyfriend threw a towel over the bird’s eyes…dangerous! Upon closer examination, they found a fish hook embedded underneath the bird’s wings. With a severely injured wing, the bird had no way of caring for himself.

Without human intervention, the bird would have died. A wounded bird is unable to fly. The inability to fly leaves the bird unable to hunt for food or water. Starvation can be a slow and painful death. If starvation does not end the bird’s life, it will fall prey to animal and human predators. Injury results in weakness. Predators love to target the injured.

We have a predator that wars against our soul. His name is Satan. The Bible warns us that,” he comes to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). Like the struggling pelican, we struggle against the will of God which is only there to help us. God knows how to care for one of His injured children. He provides the kindest, loving, and affectionate care available. The love of God gently leads us until we can fly again. It does not matter how we received the injuries. Whether the injury occurred as a result of our own doing or at the hands of another, it does not matter. He cares. He loves unconditionally. Jesus can fix it!

God loves us enough to help us “succeed on broken wings” we have to be willing to receive. In the Book of Psalms it reads, “We have escaped like a bird from the fowler’s snare; the snare has been broken, and we have escaped” (Psalms 124:7). What an encouraging word! As I watched the ending of the rescue, the bird did heal from his injuries. The day came when he had to learn to fly again. Regain his independence. I watched this big, beautiful bird come to the realization that he was free…he could fly again. It took a few minutes. But, once he gained his composure, he soared. What a comparison to our own freedom, “whom the Son sets free is free indeed” (John 8:36). Sometimes we do not realize the state of our own freedom. We hobble around on these broken pieces. Nevertheless, a greater Power has been pushing us towards greatness. Have you ever stopped and wondered how you succeeded on broken wings? Amazing!

Written by Laura Alexander


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