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How Did I Choose The Title For My Book?

Book Preview

my book captureI chose this title for my book after overhearing a young child tell a family member that, “The kids at school just don’t like me!” That statement broke my heart. As a child growing up, I could relate to how that little girl felt. My looks and mannerisms categorized me as different.  The label “different” really meant rejected.  Attached to my skinny body were these long arms and legs, therefore my pants never hit quite right at the top of my shoes.  Poverty contributed to my new found status in school.  Oh my, did they dislike me! Recess equated teasing. Standing alone on the playground was this tall, skinny girl with hazel eyes, a different way of speaking, and a love for learning.

Well, the so-called ugly duckling grew up to be a beautiful swan. That started the chapter of jealousy in my life.  Smart and pretty can be a deadly combination.  The “haters” will hate.  Teasing or bullying, it’s all the same.  Whether the scars are inside or outside, they hurt the same.  Children can be so cruel.  Mean spirited adults are the worse.

I know some will say “get over it” and I have! Thank God! Yes, I am putting myself out there. My life is laid bare for all to see; but, not all bullying stories end the same.  Some lead to tragic endings.  Not my story…just a page full of hope.  Instead of tears, laughter flows.  Instead of animosity, compassion fills my heart.  Wow! The things we remember. Nothing that happens is a surprise to God. Chapters of life must happen…to draw us closer to Him. I can say without a doubt “that God favored me because He did not allow the enemy to triumph over me” (Psalm 41:11).  It is well with my soul!

So, that is the short version of why I wrote the book with such a title. If my story can help somebody, then it was well worth it.  Hope and inspiration fill the pages of my story!

Thanks for listening to my story.   I am a victor not a victim.

Written by Laura Alexander




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