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An impenetrable outer shell surrounds the heart of someone who has been through something in life. A look that says, “You will never hurt me again.” In the song, That’s The Way Of The World, the group, Earth, Wind, and Fire sings of how “… a child is born with a heart of gold, the way of the world turns his heart so cold” significant lyrics for our world today (1975). Continuous trauma to the skin results in the growth of a scab surrounded by scar tissue. The same can be said for pain experienced in the heart. With each jolt of pain, the pliable heart turns callous. When life opens up her hands, she offers opportunities for both joy and pain.

Webster’s Dictionary describes pain as a disagreeable sensation caused by injury.   Also, injury can result from a perceived injury, insult, or injustice.  Can we avoid pain? No. We will either be the cause or the receiver of pain…sometimes both. Our human nature allows us to feel. And, feelings need expression. Like a thermometer measures hot or cold temperatures, our senses help us to navigate through situations in life. It is amazing how an encounter with a person can leave us with a good vibe or a bad one. Something does not feel quite right. Yet, we may press forward into a relationship that ends in disaster…the result of ignoring nature’s warning signs. That disagreeable sensation we felt in the beginning is now a full blown sting. As humans, we do not like discomfort of any kind. Hurt brings the lesson home.

Life consists of a series of tests and exams. There are periods in life when it appears that we fail more exams than we pass. One problem and then another. We may find ourselves tempted to quit. Life is relentless. She offers no elixirs to numb the aching in our spirits. The Bible reminds us that “tribulation brings about patience” (Romans 5:3). God desires that we grow through our circumstances. Running away never solved any problems. Hiding from a situation does not erase it. Like the ostrich that buries her head in the sand, ignorance will not give way to a solution.  Sometimes we have to deal with issues on the spot…there is no other way around it.  Only patience gives us the strength to endure testing and trials without becoming callous. Christ is the elixir we should be seeking.

He will help us to “grow through tribulation” if we keep our focus on Him. Misguided focus is problematic. Our focus should be on the Problem Solver, not the problem. Remember, “What is impossible with man is possible with God” (Luke 18:27). Your battle is won. Victory is real. Trouble will not last always. Christ is our Guarantee. The difficulties we face tomorrow will become distant memories in the future. Each victory builds our faith. So, lift up your shield of faith and move forward like a mighty warrior. You are a winner!! Stand up and conquer that which tries to conquer you! Claim your victory. Every test becomes a testimony! Trials diminish in size when we give them to God.

May God richly bless you in all of your endeavors.

What a mighty God we serve! AMEN AND AMEN!

Written by Laura Alexander




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