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Our face is the first thing we present to the world. All the family features are represented in the face.  Both the mother’s and the father’s genes are equally distributed.  We go through great lengths to achieve a certain look.  Facial beauty is the first thing we look at when considering attractiveness.  I have never heard anyone say, “Oh, she’s so cute, she has the most beautiful feet” that would be a strange statement.   Although looks can be deceiving, society places a tremendous amount of emphasis on good looks, but God is interested in the heart of a person.

It is an implied rule to always put our “best face forward” a rule learned at a very young age. It is the first thing seen and the last thing remembered. A nice-looking person can grab the attention of an entire room.  People seek out pleasant faces in a crowd.  A pleasing countenance is considered smarter, kinder, interesting, and more socially acceptable.  Men shave to obtain a certain look.  Women apply makeup in order to appear fresh, flawless, younger, and prettier.  Gorgeousness gets a pass in most situations.

Human beings use facial expressions in a variety of ways. No need for words to describe a certain look.  There is the “poker face” a stern look of no fear.  Opponents cannot see any tell-tale signs that are easily read.  Our face can be our first line of defense.  During an argument, justifications are used to “save face” a way of not admitting wrong or defeat.  Mastering a “straight face” gets hard when a good joke is told.  Flying objects cause us to throw our hands up for protection.  Shame is hidden and pride beams…on the face. 

We all perform the daily ritual of washing and cleansing the face. A step needed to remove the residue of yesterday from the skin.  It aides in the purification and detoxification process and gives us that healthy glow.  Clean skin is healthy skin.  Yesterday is gone.  A fresh face is symbolic of a fresh perspective…a new beginning. 

As we peer into our mirrors, we are reminded of what the Bible says about “beauty is fleeting” (Proverbs 31:30).   What new perspective can the image in the mirror teach us?  The lesson clearly points out the fact that “beauty is only skin deep” and “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” we are all magnificent in the God’s eyes.  He is the “Beholder” with the only opinion that really matters.   The Book of Peter contains a description of the characteristic that the Lord finds lovely “…the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight” (I Peter 3:4).  So, the next time you find yourself fussing and fretting for appearances sake, remind yourself of what is pleasing to your Heavenly Father.  Then, get up.  Wash your face.  Get dressed up for God.  It is fun…He loves it!

Written by Laura Alexander

Scripture: The face contains the eyes “the eyes are the lamp of the entire body” the window to our soul (Matthew 6:22).  Amen!!





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