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TEARS PIC Like most people, I always felt that crying was a sign of weakness. You heard the saying “big girls and big boys don’t cry” so, I never allowed anyone to witness my crying…I would suck it up. Unreleased pain wreaks havoc on the body causing everything from high blood pressure to a host of other illnesses. Crying is a sort of cleansing for the body. Sometimes we all just need a good tear bath. Whether it is tears of joy or tears of pain; the emotions need to flow.

Never look down on the weeping of another. Vulnerability is risky. It means I trust you enough to expose my feelings. When you belittle someone for showing a tender side, believe me it will never be shown again. Your lack of empathy creates a wall. That wall will not easily come down. There is no shame in having a sensitive soul. God blessed us with such big hearts. Genuine hearts feel deeply. Big hearts have the ability to connect with the hearts and souls of others on an intimate level.

Refuse to allow the judgment of others to prevent you from expressing your true self. Sadly, the ones who find the need to label your feelings as petty are jealous because they have lost the ability to feel…to cry. Carefully consider the possibility that the waterworks could be the very thing preventing a major breakdown!

Regardless of your interpretation of another’s tears, remember those tears cost something. A price you could never imagine! The good news is “that God shall wipe away all tears from our eyes” (Revelation 21:4). Whatever sorrow (s) has graced your doorway, God has given us a promise to stand upon. The day will come when He will stand before us to personally wipe away our tears. In the place He has prepared for us, there will be no more crying and no more pain. No pain. No tears. The pain we feel in this present moment, God had the solution before the creation of the world.   Amen!!

Written by Laura Alexander


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