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I hate indecisiveness.  It is one of my pet peeves!  We can never be 100% sure of which choice  to make, but it is imperative to act.  The Nike slogan reminds us to “just do it” which sums up the importance of taking action.  Nobody gets it right every time, but it feels good to move forward.  At least, give it a try.

The failure to act paralyzes.  Doing nothing is never the best option.  I have made some mistakes in my life.  Decisions that I have deep regret, but they were mine…I own them!!  Life is too short to sit on our hands.  If you cannot make the effort for your own life, you are putting the control into the hands of someone else.  Whose to say that they will get it right.  Whose to say that they have your best interest at heart.  Is it really worth the risk?

Too often, we allow the fear of failure to keep us stuck…going absolutely no where.  The wheels of life grind forward on a constant basis.  You are either moving with it or left behind.  Change is inevitable!

My motivation today:  Make a decision.  Whether you realize it or not…doing nothing is a decision.  So, put on your assertive hat and go for it!  Get her done!! Your destiny awaits you!!

you can do it
Written by Laura Alexander




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