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Satan Get Thee Behind Me


“Lord, may our lamps never be hidden, but shine forth for all to see…even in a dark, evil, wicked and perverse world”

Some may not believe it, but the spirit world is real. It is not just a made for movie fantasy, but evil walks among the good. When you encounter it, you cannot believe what you are seeing. You almost shrug off…just a figment of my imagination. How does it feel to come face-to-face with evil? It is plain scary!!

As a child I never liked horror movies. I knew it would haunt my dreams for days. Something about that 3a.m. period that things get a bit creepy. My grandmother loved scary movies. I could watch them with her as long as I was able to sleep beside her that night. Even though my sleep would be fitful, I felt safe and secure knowing she was there with me.

The Bible says, “Satan masquerades as an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).” He is beautiful, yet dreadful. He is nice, yet menacing. He is friendly, yet obnoxious. He is humble, yet threatening. He is loving, yet dangerous. His ways are insidious to the untrained eye. Even the most elite can be fooled by his charming deceit.

He is the “giver of evil gifts” slowly pulling the life out of you. The fake smile eventually reveals fangs. The gentle hands develop claws. The bright eyes turn dark. And the spoken blessings become spoken curses. Once he has you in his grips, this monster refuses to let you go. Escaping is impossible. You have already entered the point of no return…the slippery slope of destruction.

Appeasing this life sucking leech will never work. You are in the fight of your life. Escaping unscathed…impossible. Satan’s job description never involved drawing people to the True Light. It was never his plan to build you up. The proposal…to strategically steal your soul and to get you involved in the stealing of the souls of others. An evil plan revealed. Cunning and calculating, he plots your downfall from the beginning of the relationship.

Where can you run? You can run to the Savior. He is our Rock and our Fortress. God is a strong tower, a place of safety for the weary soul. The Lord will fight this battle for you. His strength is much stronger than ours. All we have to do is take a stand! Satan is no match for our God. He is a defeated foe. His tactics instill fear. His methods demand your submission. But, never submit. Stand your ground. Watch him walk away with his tail between his legs.

Lesson: Never allow the Devil to ride if you don’t want him to drive. Be careful who you allow in your life.

Written by Laura Alexander


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