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Driven: What is Driving You?

©When we hear the word “driven” we often think of someone pursuing success. A life filled with set goals and unlimited potential. Nothing can stop this locomotive. Work is life and life is work. No time for sleep. Exploration of the next level is never far from their reach. They are busy climbing mountains and seeking out new horizons. Life becomes a sprint. Ambition in itself is not wrong; but, with all behaviors both the natural and the spiritual forces occupy the same space. Operating in unison as one affects the other. The question is: What’s driving you?

Often, our conduct paints a bigger picture of what is going on inside. The most powerful forces in the world….good and evil…love and hate. They coexist in this world. The fruit of a life reveals the driver of that life. Thoughts, actions, and words all derive as a result of the force at work within. As human beings, we have a choice as to which of these forces compel our actions.

How do we determine the driving force in control? Take an inventory of your actions and deeds. If the motivation is selfishness, greed, deception, jealousy, envy, revenge, anger, or the need to impress….the end result is never for good and never for love. True love has no place for any of the above mentioned behaviors. Goodness and love requires a much different approach.

The fruit of love is sown in peace, sacrifice, consideration, thoughtfulness, kindness, giving, sharing, caring, loyalty, righteousness, selflessness, encouragement, dedication, admonition, even discipline. Love does no harm. We are all flawed individuals. We all miss the mark from time-to-time. Perfection, who can find it?? But, checking our motives and leaving our egos at the door can bring more healing than a million summits thrusting out unchartered solutions. Let’s open our hearts to love. Let’s look for the good in the world and in each other. If we stare long enough, we can find it. It has been there the whole time!! Only love can drive out hate. Only good can drive out evil. So, what’s driving you?

Written by Laura Alexander ©



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