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12746535_1727667514129843_95499950_n[2]We all go through periods in life in which each day manufactures trial after trial.  For me, the month of July tested my patience as a Christian woman.  The doors of trouble swung open on all levels.  I cried out, “Lord, what is going on in my life?”  Battles and problems surrounded the world of my family, friends, and neighbors.  Worry, frustration, as well as sleepless nights vexed my soul.  I was in need of my Savior’s help.  So, I opened my Bible to Matthew Chapter 6 (The Lord’s Prayer).  The resolution that we seek can always be found in God’s word.

Instantly, I found an answer.  When Jesus taught the disciples to pray, He reminded them to ask the Father, “Give us this day our daily bread” (Matt. 6:11).  No, I did not need bodily nourishment from food…I needed supernatural strength to make it through the day.  My body had become worn down from trying to handle difficulties in my own strength.  When we exhaust all of our resources, we burn out mentally, physically, and emotionally.  The soul becomes restless.  Burdens chase away our peace.  Joy escapes our grasp.  What do you do when you come to the end of yourself?

Jesus reminds us that He is the answer…the great Problem Solver.  For every problem, He has a solution.  He is our daily bread; the source of our strength.  Patiently, the Savior waits for us to exhaust all of our resources.  We can come to Him for anything.  Bread is a source of nutrition needed to sustain life.  Jesus is that “Bread of Life” all of life’s sustaining power is found in Him.  What daily bread request do you have of Him, today?  Ask the Savior to help.  He cares for you.  We cannot do it alone.

Give Jesus a try:

Do you need strength?  Ask Him.  Do you need peace? Ask Him.  Do you need more love in your life?  Ask Him.  Do you need wisdom? Ask Him.  Do you need patience?  Ask Him.  Do you need endurance?  Ask Him.  Do you need protection?  Ask Him.  Do you need a healing?  Ask Him.  Do you need help with your finances?  Ask Him.  Do you need employment?  Ask Him.  Do you lack confidence?  Ask Him.  Are you burdened by fear, anxiety, grief, and worry?  Ask Him.  Do need to be set free?  Ask Him. Do you need a good friend or do you suffer from loneliness?  Ask Him.  Do you need to know that your sins are forgiven? Ask Him.  Do you want to be saved?  Ask Him.

Ask, Seek, Knock…most of all BELIEVE!

Written by Laura Alexander


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