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Turn on any news channel and the world in chaos is the only news you will hear.  They bombard us with a never ending commentary of war, riots, murder, perversion, and national disasters.  The idea of peace seems far-fetched.   Nothing surprises me anymore.  Sadly, our minds have been conditioned to receive the appalling news without flinching.  We see it.  We hear it.  We accept it.   Moral decay rots away one generation at a time. Horrific images are a common theme in our society.  Instead of lending a helping hand we break out our cellphones to capture the image of our neighbor’s demise.

One good photo taken by the paparazzi could equal millions in their bank account…really!  The concept that another’s dirty laundry could mean a hefty payment baffles me.  The uncovering of our neighbor’s shame leads to much delight.  Have you noticed that the magazines once considered raunchy or trashy now rest at the front of the store?  Patrons drool as they turn page upon page of the “whose doing who” section.  Millions of dollars are spent to uncover dirty little secrets that prying eyes want to know. 

Hackers unlawfully hack into accounts to expose private information.  Anything sells.  For every stolen piece of identity, there is a buyer waiting to purchase.  Espionage, corruption, and blackmail dominate government entities.  No one is safe.  No one is immune.  No one can be trusted.  Surveillance cameras capture our every move.  Big brother is always watching!  Instead of “show me the money” the media demands “show me the dirt” that mindset should be cause for concern.

Unfortunately, the social brainwashing of twisted thinking allows for the promotion of self-devaluation.  It is no longer shameful to post undignified pictures of yourself on social media just to get a click or a like.  Narcissism shouts “look at me, look at me” to get attention whether negative or positive.  Do we wake up every morning thinking about the most disgracing stunt we can pull in order to get attention?  Demeaning and debasing behavior has become the norm.  The world now reaps the benefits of the seeds of demoralization sown years ago.  Have we no shame?


Written by Laura Alexander


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