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IMG_20160822_122749 I love sitting by the water.  I could spend all day taking in the calming effects of water.  A good day for me consists of reading a good book while lounging by a body of water.  Sometimes during my morning walks, the stillness of the water grabs my attention.  Not a wave or a ripple to be seen.  Just for a brief moment in time, this living organism appears to slumber; yet, underneath the motionlessness, life moves at a steady pace.  In the stillness I find peace.

The troubles of the day take a back seat to the tranquility of the still waters.  My heart beats in rhythm with nature.  Each breath synchronizes with the natural world. The birds sing louder.  A frog’s croaking interrupts the silence for a moment.  It requires the ability to listen intently while engaging all five of your senses.  It takes effort to tune out all distractions and focus.

It is not a trance-like state; but, a greater awareness of our surroundings.  During this time, I feel closer to God than ever.  My soul opens to the leading of a Power greater than myself.  That “small still voice” captivates my spirit…they sing a harmonious song of love, acceptance, and freedom.

The still waters remind me of my place in all of creation.  I was born with a purpose to fulfill.  My life has meaning.  I am not some biological mistake seeking my life’s objective; but, life is seeking me.  The Father’s voice is discerned in the silence.  He whispers, “Slow down.  Take time to listen.”  Creativity explodes.  I experience sight through the mind’s eye.  The crooked places become straight.  The parched places are watered.  What was hidden is now revealed.  I follow the path in which He leads me.

He leads me besides the still waters.  In the calmness, all my troubles disappear.  A fresh perspective is birthed.  I fill my cup with His goodness.  I drink from the well of His mercies.  My strength is renewed.  The dark clouds fall backwards.  The fog has lifted. A new day is dawning.  Life has new meaning.  The next step I take will be light and free.  No more shackles.  No more fear.  No more pain. 

As He leads me besides the still waters, I smile.  I know He is there with me.  He takes my hand and leads me gently.  We take each step together.  All I can say is, “Thank you, Father.”  Tomorrow, I shall return to that same place at the same time.  Again, I will seek to find the still waters.

Written by Laura Alexander




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