The Sleeping Cheat

via Daily Prompt: Cheat

He comes home late, again.  The “working late” excuse is growing old.  That gnawing feeling in your gut tells you something is just not right.  As he crawls into bed  beside you, the smell of her perfume fills the room.  Anger and rage run head-to-head attempting to win first place in the emotional race.

Silently, your brain repeats the words…calm down.  An all too familiar mantra you have mumbled too many times.  At this point, falling asleep is not an option.  Tossing and turning leads to more tossing  and turning.  The floodgate opens as the tears start to flow.  He snores loudly.

As your soul endures another night of torture, he sleeps soundly…angelic-like.  As your soul aches, he dreams of romantic moments  and tender kisses.  You watch him as he smiles at the thought of her.  He sighs as he rolls over to snuggle with you.  As he places the hands that held her around your waist, you flinch in disgust.  Then, with a sigh of delight, he calls you her name. Really!

Written by Laura Alexander



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