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Regeneration: Reaching for the Fountain of Youth

img_20160521_093241The cosmetic business is a billion dollar a year industry.  It is such a lucrative business that it never experiences a recession.   Beauty commercials flaunt young models across the television screens with promises of hope in a bottle.  We squeal with delight at the sight of the latest potent in designer bottles.  These pretty bottles require a sacrifice of more time, more effort, and more money.  As time marches forward, the whereabouts of the fountain of youth grows more urgent.

The laws of nature compel the process of renewal.  During the fall season, the leaves wither and die.  Then, the fresh blooms and blossoms of springtime burst with newness upon the canvas of earth.  All signs of a new beginning.  Even human cells regenerate themselves through the process of splitting, dividing and multiplying several times.  Living organisms compete for survival in the game of life.

As a 50+ woman, I realize that “mother nature” and “father time” have caught up to me.  I feel it every morning when I try to get out of bed.  For some odd reason, sleeping 8 hours causes my bones to stiffen and crack.  My first few minutes out of bed, I walk around like the tin man in need of oil! (Don’t you laugh at me)  I find myself becoming more mindful of my limitations.  These feet refuse to move as fast as they use to.  I require more sleep.  And, I cannot thread a needle with my glasses on or off.  Seriously!  Sometimes the mind and the body disagree.  My mind says, “Yes, I can!”  My body says, “No, you can’t!”  Can someone help me locate the fountain of youth? Help!

Well, youthfulness is certainly not found in a bottle or a pill.  Even serums and lotions have a limited guarantee on miracles.  So, should I pack my bags and travel to some remote country to discover some ancient essential oils buried underground for thousands of years?  The radiance of youth is a wonderful thing, but the wisdom gained with age…priceless!  No, we may not be able to physically compete with the energy of the young people; therefore, we must maintain our vigor in other areas.  Pursue a sharpness of mind and thoughts.  Develop healthy eating habits.  Drink plenty of water. Exercise to stay strong and fit.  Find a reason to laugh loudly…it is good for the soul.  Forgive quickly…holding on to grudges makes you age faster.  Celebrate with friends.  Love the way you want to be loved.  Learn a new dance.  Be Yourself! I think we located the fountain of youth…do you see it?

Written by Laura Alexander



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