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Have you outgrown your current situation?  Life is about growth.  When a baby is born, it does not remain an infant for life.  Eventually, we all grow up.  It is a requirement.   Living guarantees change…like it or not.  Sometimes life will force an alteration in plans. We can either make the needed adjustments or find ourselves spinning on wheels that lead to nowhere.  Like the kid who failed 10th grade several times, eventually, he finds himself taking classes with the friends of his younger siblings.  Stagnation never feels good.

We should never be afraid to grow…to move forward.  Life equates to adventure.  Human beings were designed with an inner desire to learn, to develop, to evolve, to improve.  Each new day presents the opportunity to become better than yesterday.  Never get too comfortable in a situation that offers little or no room for growth.  Some places are just stepping stones to an expanded horizon. Stepping stones act as a launching pad, not a permanent parking space.

How do you know when it is time to move on? Boredom is a definite sign it is time to move on.  A situation should challenge and excite.  It should energize.  Are you living up to your greatest potential?  It takes passion to ignite imagination.  Do you feel boxed in?  The inability to express creativity stifles productivity.  Using excessive amounts of energy just to show up is a clue that the time has come to move on.  When that fire inside dwindles, time to move towards a change.

Change requires preparation.  Start putting together an exodus plan.  Do what’s needed to improve your present circumstances.  Take a class.  Clearly communicate needs to leadership. Set new boundaries in a relationship.  Find a mentor.  Research your options.  Make a list of pros and cons.  Interview those in a position you wish to someday occupy.  Put aside all fears. Take action!

Stepping stones are put in place for good reasons.  We learn as we take each step.  They are strategically placed one in front of the other.  They help us find our purpose.  Each stone is positioned to help one to jump over hurdles and obstacles.  Stepping stones move in a forward motion…it is hard to walk backwards on them.  A stepping stone can hold a place for us as we get our bearings.  If we follow the stepping stones, we end up at a much larger place.  Destiny awaits the person brave enough to step out onto the stepping stones.  Could that person be you? Are you ready for renewed energy and creativity?  Then step out!  Go ahead…you can do it!

Written by Laura Alexander


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