Daily Prompt: Panic

via Daily Prompt: Panic

She bolted out the door to check the mail.  Would this be the day?  A decision hinged on the words written on this paper.  So much was at stake!  Just the thought of a “no” response was unbearable.

There in the mailbox tucked away under several other letters and some junk mail lay her future.  With letter in hand, she returned inside.  Excited and nervous at the same time.  All the years of preparation had come down to words on a paper. Her eyes strained as she tried to read the printed words through the envelope.  It didn’t work.

Quickly, she cleared a space on the coffee table, then sat down.  The aching feeling in her chest, the feeling of not being able to catch her breath, the sound of her heartbeat in her ears, were overwhelming feelings. Panic filled the room. It took a few seconds to compose enough strength to open the letter.

RIP! The letter opened in one quick tear.  Slowly, the letters on the page begin to unfold.  She slammed the letter down on the coffee table.  Had it come to this?  Did it say what she thought it said?  Dear….we regretfully….


Written by Laura Alexander



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