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Have you ever tried to make a situation work out in your favor?  A difficult task…Right! The time and effort it takes to force all circumstances to line up just right; all of the manipulation, scheming, maneuvering, and pressure tactics used… exhausting!  Hello, to all of us “control freaks” out there!  How did that work for you?  After all that hard work…it fell apart at the end. Our failure is a clue.  We were never in control anyhow.  God is the Master Orchestrator.  We were never meant to tamper with the outcome.  God requires us to do our best; then, allow Him to do the rest.

Philippians 2:13 reminds us that, “It is God who works in us to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.”  His “will” shall be done (Matthew 6:10).  Sometimes, I find myself knowing the right thing to do, but doing the exact opposite.  My patience wears thin.   I have this desire to put my hand in the pot and stir things a bit.  My way seems better…Really!  I made things worse.  Sometimes, God’s way feels awkward and unnatural.  But, we cannot rush God’s hand.  He moves in an unhurried pace.  Yet, His timing is perfect.  The result of moving ahead of Him is never pretty!  Guess what?  We are forced to start over at “square one” again.  The lesson learned:  Do it right the first time.  Wait on God. 

What about those times when we are clueless to which action to take?  Those are the times in which a constant communion with God becomes essential.  Take the time to seek godly wisdom. Pray until your answer comes.  Do not try to move ahead of God.  Continue to work faithfully while waiting.  Remain planted and steadfast.  Trust His eye to view the road ahead.  Your forward vision may be limited.   God may be protecting us from unseen danger.  I would rather allow Him to lead me in the right direction; then, to take my own path.  My path could lead me over a cliff.  Be patient!   God desires great things for all of us.  Although, results are not instant…God is at work.  He does His best work behind the scenes.  Amen!

Written by Laura Alexander






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