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Daily Prompt: Disagree

via Daily Prompt: Disagree

The old cliche “They fight like cats and dogs” is used to describe people who cannot reach an agreeable status in their relationship.   Sibling rivalry test the patients of parents.  Spouses bicker over issues big and small.  Friendships end due to minor disagreements.  And, churches split over doctrinal disagreements.  We all have different opinions on many issues. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Just because we disagree on an issue, it does not mean we have to part ways.  The relational challenges in life revolve around “points of disagreement” in which one must learn to agree to disagree! That’s the joy of the human factor…unique and complicated as the stars in the sky. You and I are on this experience called life; but, we all experience life differently.

Who wants to be surrounded by people who agree with everything we say.  Call it amicable, agreeable, reserved, low key, unassuming, invisible, etc., it is called…boring! No need to say, “Yes!” to everything. Really!  Great things are accomplished when we accept our individuality and work towards a win win situation for all involved. So, go ahead and express yourself.  It is okay to disagree.  Do you agree?

Written by Laura Alexander




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