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Wait Until the Fog Lifts…


Autumn brings about a host of several weather patterns.  The mornings are cold and damp.  While the evenings usher in the familiar warmth of the sun.  These fluctuations in weather patterns can make our morning commutes quite foggy.  During the times of thick fog and limited visibility, even the best road maps offer little or no help to our impeded driving conditions.  Sometimes, situations occur in life that leaves us feeling uncertain.  In our state of vulnerability, we are clueless as to which direction to take.  It can feel like driving in a fog.

Within the fogginess, the view is cloudy.  Movements are slow and uneasy.  Uncertainty grips the soul.  In an effort to keep moving forward, the body enlists the help of all five senses.  Standing still in foggy conditions is never a good idea.  Actually, standing still could be dangerous.  Onward movement is the only logical option.  Yes, eventually, the fog will lift.  But, the sunshine arrives faster with every advancing step.

Outside the perimeter of haziness there is clarity.  The light reveals pathway obstructions.  Things that may have caused us to stumble in the past, we now leap over with ease.  Not only does the walking pace increase, but the walk becomes a run.  When the fog lifts, there is freedom. With freedom come choices.  With choices come decisions.  As the clouds lift, ambiguity disappears.  The clearness of thought enables us to make the best life’s decisions.

Never resolve an issue in haste…wait!  Wait until the fog lifts.

Written by Laura Alexander


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