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The Dreamer’s Agenda


As the school year has kicked into full gear, the adjustment phase is over.  Students know what to expect.  Teachers provide a syllabus outlining the anticipated schedule for the semester.  By now, grades from the first test have been posted and students prepare to meet new project deadlines.  The juggling act of balancing school with real life is nothing short of a miracle.  Some students balance school with work including extracurricular activities.  It takes discipline to follow a planned schedule every day.  Schools have learned the importance of issuing an agenda at the start of the school year.  The sole purpose of an agenda is not just to keep us organized, but to keep us disciplined enough that pleasure does not override purpose.

Sometimes we have a tendency to get off track.  It feels nice to have visible goals.  Written goals give us something tangible to move towards; long and short term goals remain at the forefront of our minds.  Like a child sitting at the kitchen table completing homework while friends play outside the window, temptation threatens to throw us off track.  A quick review of the objectives can shift the focus to the more important issues at hand…accomplishing set goals.  Remaining focused in the midst of background noise takes strong dedication.

Time is a precious commodity.  Usually, several things attempt to lay claim to our attention at one time.  How to prioritize daily activities in order to achieve maximum productivity can be challenging.  Unnecessarily, putting too much emphasis on activities that never move you closer to your goals wastes valuable time.  The pursuit of pleasure and leisurely interests feels great for a moment; but, missed opportunity results in a perpetual game of playing catch up.  The practice of placing fun above work can set dreams back for years.  Losing a dream hurts.  Becoming a bystander of our dreams means living the nightmare.  Take special care to guard your time and your dreams.  Remember winning takes focus, dedication, and drive.  Keep moving forward!!

Written by Laura Alexander


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