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My Self Publishing Journey

Hello Family, Friends, Fellow Bloggers, and Followers,

It is official. I am now a self-published author. It has been a dream of mine since elementary school to one day write and publish books. The journey has not been an easy one. After years of submitting query letters, manuscripts, and a brief synopsis as a part of my book proposals…I had all but given up on ever having a writing career. Every single response I received was a denial letter. I attended writing classes. I made a checklist and checked not twice but several times. So, when the option to self-publishing came about, I jumped at the opportunity. My good news…I have now self-published 4 (four) e-books. I have learned so much through this journey. The experience is priceless.

My booklist includes:

They Just Don’t Like Me: Moving Past Rejection

Wisdom For Our Daughters (A book of quotes)

Starving Discontentment

Melodic Words

I would not trade the experience and knowledge gained for anything in this world. I thank God for the opportunity. And, I thank my family and friends for supporting me…believing in me!

All e-books can be found on

The journey is not over…more to come! Amen!

Laura B. Alexander


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