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A Big Thank You:)

I would like to give a big “Thank You” to all my friends, followers, and fellow bloggers.  I hope you know how much I appreciate each one of you!  Blogging is like a traveler who prepares to take a journey, but unsure as to what to take on the journey or how long it will take to reach its destination. 

I started blogging a few years ago.  When I embarked on this journey, I was unsure if I had all the tools necessary to be a success.  And, I had very little knowledge of the length of the journey or a definite destination in mind.  All I knew…I loved to write and I wanted to write.  Well, write about what?  I wanted to write captivating blog posts that blew my audience away! I never had a particular topic in mind.  Believe me, I knew nothing about building a brand or promoting.  I had this laptop.  I had a few stories to share.  I had a teachable spirit.  And, I had a heart that needed to express itself in writing.

It is now the year 2017…still on this blogging journey.  I must say that I have learned something new about myself and the whole blogging process.  No, I have not arrived, but each day gets me closer to my destination.  Some days are better than others.  But, whose complaining.

I would like to thank you all for your comments and words of encouragement.  It means so much.  Blogging is not just about writing words on a page.  The bigger picture involves truly engaging in the art of blogging.  What is the art of blogging?  It is self expression.  It is an attempt to make the unknown…known.  It is about making lasting connections with people in which you may never meet in person, but some how a bond is forged. It is about reading posts that touch your soul…commonality.  It is about relationships.  It is about sojourning with fellow travelers.  It is about the exchange that takes place between art and the artist.  It is about the melody of love…the love of painting a picture with words.

My friends, we have no idea the impact our words may have on someone.  We must never turn back from this journey.  You are all very gifted and talented individuals.  The journey may be long, but we will get there…together!  You are all my shining stars!  Come and walk with me…let’s make it to our destination together.

Happy Blogging:)

Written by Laura B. Alexander





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