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The Voices in Our Head…Self Talk

Have you ever took the time to listen to your inner self-talk?  As human beings, we can have several inner dialogues depending on the circumstances. These self-talks can come from several sources.  We may have the voices of ourselves, our parents,  our spouse, and a Higher Power which we call God, all giving direction and advice.  Determining which voice to heed takes patience and practice.

That inner dialogue can either move us forward, backward, or paralyze us. Have you ever heard someone say that someone “thinks too much” or has allowed someone to “take up too much head space in their mind” these are clear indications of our ability to have a dialogue within that only we can hear.  Stop! What inner dialogue is taking place in your mind at this moment? Calm and quiet your inner spirit.  What do you hear?  Is it negative or positive?

Negative self-talk can make us indecisive.  We may find that we second guess or change our minds constantly.  Sadly, when we operate out of indecisiveness, we fall prey to those who wish to take advantage of our inability to make a decision.  Unfortunately, these individuals may not have our best interest at heart.  Selfishness still exists in the world.

Yes, the voice of our parents still resides within us.  That voice you hear that gives that loving warning.  Or, that voice that wants to nudge you towards a certain decision.  For example, you have graduated from high school and want to forgo college attendance.  Of course, your parents feel it is a bad idea.  Mother adamantly expresses her opinion that college would lead to greater job opportunities and higher pay.  Obviously, you disagree.  Right?   Well, what do you do?  You have two choices.  One to obey your parents or disobey them.  Here’s the thing…you are an adult.  Adults make adult decisions.  What worked for Mom and Day may not work for you.  Of course, your parents may be disappointed if you choose the latter choice.  Ultimately, it is your life. (Adult child)  And, just think how proud your parents will be if your decision yields great results!

The third voice is the spousal voice. For those of us who are married, the opinion of our spouse carries significant weight.  Every decision a married person makes will not only impact them, but those around them.  Any married person should extend common courtesy of discussing any major decision prior to taking action.  If you find that you and your spouse have opposing opinions, place the decision on the table, walk away from it, and go seek prayer.  Then regroup and discuss again.

The most important voice of all is the voice of God.  We should all seek His will for our lives.  Decisions made with God as our partner yield the best results.  Godly decisions keep us on the right path.  It all starts with a regular reading of His word and an effort to commit scripture to memory.  His Word contains life giving wisdom to steer us towards wise decision making in everyday matters.  But, we must read His word in order to hear Him clearly.  Every desired outcome should be measured against the Word of God.  The Bible should have the final authority in our lives.  Always take God as your partner!

Wisdom for today: Be careful who you allow to speak into your life…carefully weigh their advice!

Written by Laura B. Alexander


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