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Beneficial Solitude: Alone not Lonely

beach chair picWhy do we fear loneliness?  Why does the fear of silence send us chasing after sound…any sound?  When faced with the silence of an empty place, what is the first thing we do?  A). Turn on the radio or television.  B). Pick up the phone to chat with a friend.  C). Enjoy the peace and quiet. Many would choose A or B.  We dread the absence of noise in our lives.  For many of us it screams lonely. The words alone and loneliness are not synonymous.  A season of alone time can tremendously benefit the mind, body, and soul.

Solitude forces us to face ourselves. To confront thoughts and feelings pushed deep within. Exposing attitudes and mindsets that no longer work.  Also, it allows for a calming of the spirit.  A time of introspection.  To hear the inner musings of the heart.  Often, the inner thoughts of heart go unheard due to outward distractions that demand attention. The busyness of life takes priority over the inner peace and tranquility of solitude. Time alone serves a purpose. We must undergo the daunting task of finding that purpose.

Aloneness may feel awkward at first.  It takes practice to feel comfortable with “keeping self-company” well rounded people have mastered the art of becoming best friends with self.  These are the types of people you may see enjoying dinner or a movie alone.  Even, attending a party alone. They can find comfort in flying solo or in a group.  Is there anything wrong with taking yourself on a date?  In the animal kingdom, the alpha never runs with a pack.  Completeness is found in the power of one. Until we can learn to be good company to ourselves, we will never learn to be great company to someone else.

Solitude and privacy are both useful tools in the pursuit of self-exploration. A journey to self-discovery explores paths unaccompanied by travelers. When self becomes less of a mystery, life reveals her greatest treasures.  We learn to be the best person we were created to be.  We learn to not only like ourselves, but to love ourselves.  Dreams and passions once dormant come to life.  Uniqueness becomes comfortable.  Our confidence level goes up a notch.  We determine that we can be ourselves in any occasion…comfortable in our own skin.  We feel less detached from self.  We can vocalize our likes and dislikes.  The soul is rejuvenated.  What could be better than getting to know “you” on such an intimate level?  Well, these are just a few of the benefits of solitude…a season of alone not lonely.

Written by Laura B. Alexander




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