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Sacrifice: The Cost to Goal Accomplishment!

I dedicated this book to anyone who has ever felt under accomplished in life.  Many of us have the “goods” what it takes to be successful in life, but we self sabotage the process…why?  Realize it never mattered where you started.  It matters where you FINISH! Finish strong!  Finish as a winner!  You have the… Continue reading Sacrifice: The Cost to Goal Accomplishment!

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The road to self-publishing is a risky road to travel.  A road filled with curves, bumps, and uneven pavement. Will there be mistakes and mishaps? Yes, prepare to stumble several times as you step into the world of “do it yourself” writing, editing, formatting, pricing, marketing, publishing, and customer reviews.  The difficulty will never come… Continue reading THE ROAD TO SELF-PUBLISHING…

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How would you describe yourself to someone in a minute or less? Would you talk about job titles, awards, degrees, or your position within the family? Accolades are fine, but incorrect. Why? Because the world assigned you that description. Who are you really? Now, give an accurate self-assessment without all the tributes, honors, and awards.… Continue reading WHO ARE YOU?

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There is nothing worse than a toxic work environment. Instead of a warm, friendly, workplace, agony lurks in the shadows. You enter the zone of disgruntled coworkers with a severe chip on their shoulders. Morale is low. The turnover rate is high. In addition to the daily occurrence of commotion, an undercurrent of rivalry exists… Continue reading HOW TO AVOID TOXIC COWORKERS

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    This blog was originally entitled, “Something Just Not Right: The Games People Play” posted on September 4, 2014 on a prior blogsite of mine.  When I wrote this, I had no idea there was a name for this behavior.  I was unaware that I was blogging about narcissism.  I decided to share it… Continue reading THE GAME PLAYER

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The Peace Prayer: Lord, I Need More Peace in My Life

Sometimes this world makes me feel uneasy.  I find myself taking a deep breath before turning on the news or reading the newspaper.  The world has become such a cruel place to exist. Secretly my mind wonders, what could go wrong next? Do you find yourself asking the same question? I am considered a positive… Continue reading The Peace Prayer: Lord, I Need More Peace in My Life