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Have you ever told yourself this, “I’m gonna do better?”  We have all made statements like this to ourselves when facing a shortcoming.  Shortcoming?  Yes, shortcoming.  It is a human commonality.  Most of us have areas in life that need improving.  Self-improvement books line the shelves of bookstores.  All filled with advice on various topics… Continue reading I’M GONNA DO BETTER

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We try so hard to appear flawless.  It takes work to hide, conceal, correct, and camouflage our scars and blemishes.  Life gives us enough to focus on.  The last thing we need is our blemishes to become a focal point.   Scars and blemishes make us feel insecure, self-conscious, awkward, and different.  It is those… Continue reading LOVING MY SCARS

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When my grandchild discovered that I had posted some videos on YouTube, the first question fired at me was, “Grandma, how many haters do you have?”  I was both taken aback and amazed that such a young child would ask such an advanced question.  Has the word “hater” become so prevalent that even young children… Continue reading HOW MANY HATERS?

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10 Benefits of Solitude

Solitude is a useful tool to self-exploration and self-discovery.  Many of us attempt to avoid time alone with “self” but alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely.  Actually, time alone can be refreshingly beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.  The body was created for intermittent periods of rest between work.  Here’s a list of the 10… Continue reading 10 Benefits of Solitude