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What About Loyalty?

  Relationships are in trouble today.  As one marriage goes up, another comes down. Relationships involve work. What makes a relationship so difficult? Too many couples complain of dissatisfaction with their partner. The terms of the agreement are not beneficial to both parties involved. One does all the giving and gets very little in return.… Continue reading What About Loyalty?

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Limited Time Offer Free eBook

God will never reject you! I will be offering my eBook for free for a limited time.  Starting Sunday, April 15, 2018 “They Just Don’t Like Me: Moving Past Rejection” will be available for FREE!  That’s right, absolutely FREE!  This free giveaway will start April 15th through April 16th.   I hope that you will find… Continue reading Limited Time Offer Free eBook

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Encouragement: A Big Thumbs Up!

Have you ever received a compliment that made your day?  The person took the time to notice a job you completed, to notice your appearance, or your kindness towards another.  How did that make you feel?  I guarantee your shoulders straightened and your head lifted higher.  I bet you smiled from ear to ear.  I… Continue reading Encouragement: A Big Thumbs Up!

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The Backlash From Easter

Honestly, I don’t know who started the tradition of celebrating Easter.  My research is not that extensive regarding the original meaning of Easter or its historical significance.  Is it a pagan holiday or not?  I don’t know!  Maybe it is my duty to search out the matter.  To draw a conclusion that endorses or condemns… Continue reading The Backlash From Easter

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God created man and woman to fulfill specific roles individually and collectively.  Leadership qualities exist in both sexes.  And, both genders have strengths and weaknesses.  So, who assumes the role of leader and decision maker in the relationship?  Who should wear the pants? Sadly, sexism still exists in 2018.  Even with more women entering the… Continue reading WHO WEARS THE PANTS IN YOUR RELATIONSHIP?

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Are You Taking Care of Your Temple?

Why is it so important to take care of your temple?  Well, our temple houses our most prize possessions. It is filled with our soul. The place in which our mind, will, and emotions operate. This sanctuary houses our spirit and will live forever in a place of our choosing.  It is our body, a… Continue reading Are You Taking Care of Your Temple?